Thursday, December 30, 2010

Places to Go and People to See (or.... My Resolutions)

Last year, I posted my New Year's resolutions for 2010, and I think that posting them and keeping a list of them hanging in my cubicle really helped me do pretty well in accomplishing them.
I've been working on them for 2011, and I think I've got a good start.
Numero Uno on my list is a leftover from 2010 (yes, I have quite a few of those...):
Finish. The. Book. As in THE book. My book. oh broken son. It's a good book, really. And one day, maybe someone other than me will read it.
That's under my "Mental" heading, and it's the only one listed there.
Any suggestions?
Maybe I'll set a goal about reading books or something.
Under the "Physical" heading, I have some repeats that will be on my lists annually until I'm physically unable to do them anymore:
Continue to improve in tennis
and Travel somewhere awesome.
(that last one is my faaaaaavorite resolution every year! Plus, it can be combined with other resolutions, like...)
My next one under the Physical heading is:
See Federer Play!
Yes, I've had this on my list for a long time. Every year, I wait with bated breath, hoping that Federer will say, "I'll be back again next year!" at the end of his speeches. Please do not retire, Roger Federer, until I get to see you play in person. So I printed out his 2011 Schedule, and I'm trying to decide where to go. Some are ....easier (but expensive) choices like Miami or Cincinnati, and some are awesome but expensive choices, like Roland Garros in Paris or MADRID OR ROME OR GERMANY.... Ahhhh, choices.
Next heading: Spiritual
My two resolutions here are:
Read the Bible in one year (my church is doing this, so I've got a schedule and about 300 people supporting me), and
Go on a Missions Trip. yikes. but yes.
My last heading is Social, and the two resolutions under it are repeats from last year
Do something out of my comfort zone (like, go on a missions trip, perhaps?) and
Make new friends ( ♫ ♪ but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold ♪ ♫).
So I've got my work cut out for me, but there are definitely some things that I can do that would check off several resolutions in one fell swoop. But really, this is the year to see Federer. I'm feeling that.

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  1. Hey, I finally got here, and love seeing your resolutions. So....Cincinnati and Roger? I'm thinking this might do for a family reunion...Margaritises and Morrisons. When is he playing? We can work on it.