Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Lent Season

I asked on my facebook status yesterday what people were giving up for Lent and what suggestions they might have for me. Here's what folks answered:
Carbs :( Yeah, the sad face was included in the post, and for good reason. Giving up carbs is NO FUN.
Chocolate was suggested to me by none other than our very own Jennie Waller, who obviously knows nothing of me if she thinks I can sustain a 40-day period without chocolate. (I'm drinking hot cocoa as I write this)
Soda, fried food, cursing, drinking & texting while driving. Uh, wow. Either this person has a lot of vices, or thinks that I do. I kid, I kid!

Facebook (worth it. Totally.)
•I was told a chaplain is giving up religion which is totally interesting to me. Like: religion for relationship? or for real: giving up all the aspects of religion for 40 days (although all the aspects seems impossible to me)?
Complaining. I did this a couple of years ago, and no joke: it's impossible. Just because every time I made a negative observation (like: "There's a lot of traffic" or "It's raining again" or "That meeting was a waste of my time") someone was like, "You're complaining!" even though... sometimes a negative observation is just a negative observation. We finally decided that the tone of voice has a lot to do with it, but that's so subjective. Anyway.
I never grew up observing Lent, but in my adult years I realized that it really goes hand in hand with my lifestyle. I like being able to give something up for a period of time with the purpose of enriching another aspect of my life. But this year, I've decided to do it a bit differently. Instead of giving something up, I'm going to DO something every day for the 40 days of Lent.
I'm going to write a poem a day for the entire 40 days. 
I haven't fleshed it out much more than that, but I think I'll probably come up with a subject to work toward, to make the poems more of a collection of sorts. I found a little devotional thing online for Lent, so I'll try to read that, and maybe I'll try to base my poems on the devotionals, but maybe not. Still working on it.
We'll see, and I'll try to remember to blog about it again at some point!

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  1. great idea! I can't think of anything I can give up that would have a huge affect, but I think DOING something for 40 days would be a challenge for me. I may copy cat....not the poetry though :)