Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Neglectful Blogger

A couple of things have been happening lately that have made me a neglectful blogger. But... it's okay, right? Because I'm doing productive things...
But here's what's happening in life:


(kind of.)
Jennie, Katie of-the-family-we-adore and I are holding a benefit for charity: water.
It will be the most amazing of all concerts and a silent auction that will make you want to throw money at the artists. Seriously. I've seen the paintings we've received so far, and I'm trying to figure out what to sell so I can bid on them.

Important Details:
Concert & Silent Auction to Benefit charity: water
Friday, April 29, 2011
The Channel
Auction starts @ 5
Concert doors open @6:30

Come one, come all and raise money for clean water! Check out the charity: water web site -- they do good and they dig well (oh yeesh. Either that was brilliant or it's too late and I'm a huge dork. Not necessarily mutually exclusive, either).

Secondly, I have a super secret side blog. It's true. It's for my writing, and it's just a start so most of what I've posted you've all (hi mom!) already seen here. But if you'd like, please feel most liberated to check it out here. And as a special surprise, I got my first follower on that blog tonight. A stranger! Who also writes! I looked at her blog and it's fascinating. And it encourages me, because if someone who writes so amazingly wants to follow me... just makes me feel special. Anyway, she posts a bunch of poetry, which is a form of writing I love and I partake in, but I've always been extremely extremely extremely private about, and reading her stuff kind of makes me think about posting some of mine. Plus, I figure... I only have the one follower, so what is there to lose, right?

That is some of the stuff going on 'round here at I Heart Banana Copenhagen. Speaking of awesomely unbelievable band names, I spied these two names on facebook (by another member of the coolest family in town): Two Door Cinema Club and Freelance Whales. I, for real, was like: this person read the old post about putting random words in a series and calling it a band; this is a trick. But they're real names, they're good bands, and I suddenly feel 90 years old for complaining about "kids these days".


  1. "This Water Breathes" is stunningly beautiful. It took my breath away.

  2. well, thanks, mom!
    You can follow that blog and post comments there.
    (I'll show you how.)