Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It literally rained...

So there we were, getting ready for the benefit concert at The Channel -- the concert that would fight to keep the doors open to our favorite place in downtown, and the skies opened up.
And my first thought was, "Oh, no... this will keep people away!"
The Channel is a family-oriented, Christ-centered music venue downtown that features local bands, as well as major names in the music industry, and Jennie and I have been blessed to be volunteers there for a few years.
And, uh, we've written about it ... a few times.

The Channel is a not-for-profit business, and it runs on volunteers, because Jay and Amanda McAbee have an incredible heart for the youth of this city, and a vision for Greenville. And honestly, I have a sneaking suspicion that their vision is going to get blown out of the water by what God plans on doing with them and The Channel. The Channel has been struggling to pay rent, and had 40 days to raise $40,000. Seems impossible. Last night was the 40th day, and a huge benefit concert, featuring Chris Sligh from American Idol (and other favorites from The Channel) was scheduled. Then the rain came.
And it reminded me of Amanda's post here, where she writes about a note that was given to Jay -  an encouragement - on which was written: rain is coming.
And the rain came. It poured. It flooded roads. It caused people to stop the cars in the road and wait for the storm to subside.
But the people still came, the concert went on, and The Channel raised their funds. They raised the money needed to keep the doors open, to keep their light on, to keep the teens and young adults and parents and children in Greenville coming and hearing music that gives glory to God and blesses our ears.
God is so good.

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