Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Music for Right Now

I know that Jennie and I have both mentioned our love for all things musical. I have been practically obsessed with some songs or bands lately, so I figured I'd share.
1. I don't actually own this band's CD, but I neeeed to get it. You can listen to all songs on the CD at their web site. The name of the band is The CO, and they are kind of amazing. They just recently posted a song that they're "working on" and I've probably listened to it like 50 times. That's in progress?! Yeah, I need to get this CD. Also, they need to come here.

2. I've used the term "musical genius" to describe artists before (specifically, the-artist-formerly-and-currently-but-not-at-points-in-between-known-as-Prince... and if you'd like to debate this, email me and give me time to compile the evidence. I had an unhealthy obsession with Prince in middle and high school, and... whenever I listen to any of his music), but John Mark McMillan is a Musical Genius. Sample lyrics:
A thousand pairs of fiery eyes
Burn like a serpent down the highway 5
As the long amber tail to Los Angeles unwinds

Um, that's traffic. TRAFFIC. He blogs about his writing process, here (actually - there are like 4 posts on how he writes, but this one is my favorite). Read it.
3. Brooke Fraser is super cool, and, to be honest, there are 2 of her songs that I'm overplaying like crazy. First is the C.S. Lewis Song. Next, is Albertine. Please see the lyrics for these songs. They are so powerful. She's such a talented songwriter.
Albertine Lyrics:
     Now that I have seen, I am responsible
     Faith without deeds is dead

4. Last by not least! House of Heroes. They used to come to The Channel a lot, but ... I'm thinking that after their latest release, it might be awhile before we see them again. You see... this album is amazing. This video is amazing. Their singing is amazing. If you ever get a chance to see them live, do it because their voices will blow you away.

NOTE: do I even need to mention Sent by Ravens? I leave them off this list because I can't just always include my favorite band of all time, who plays my favorite song of all time. Yeah, so that's why I don't mention them. At all. Sent by Ravens. Not mentioning. 

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  1. Christy,

    Really, really like CO! Thanks for sharing.

    Have you checked out Christine Kane? I like her music a lot.