Thursday, August 19, 2010

(That's Not What the Mute Button is For...)

Businessman sitting on toilet with feet up, writing list on paper
Way back when, Jennie wrote a post on Potty Etiquette, posing the question: Why in the world are people trying to talk to each other through the stalls of a public restroom?
Well, I've encountered something else here at work. A lot of people use the public restroom at work as a kind of "private phone call" area. Even stranger, I have now encountered (twice! two times! not just once! two different people!) people using the phone while they are in the stall.
I walk into the bathroom, and I hear a voice float up from a stall (sometimes, I don't even hear the voice until I'm in my stall). At some point, this person decides that maybe they shouldn't be on the phone while someone else is using the bathroom. So they try to get off the phone.
The best part? One time, the person tried to get off the phone without letting the other person know they had been in the bathroom the whole time! The other time, the person flat-out said (to her daughter. Yeah, I listened in. Of course I did!), "So, anyway, guess where I am? Yep, so I should go."
Which leads me to assume: The cellphone users thought it was okay for their friends/daughters to hear them urinate, but they realized they needed to get off the phone when there was someone else peeing? Where does this rationalization come from?
To all public-restroom-cellphone-users-while-you-pee:
Look, I don't care what you're doing in the privacy of your bathroom at home, but please
                        don't bring your weirdo habit to work.

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