Monday, August 16, 2010

Trouble with a Capital F, That Stands for Faith

Man Clasping Hands
You know how when you accept Christ into your heart, every problem in your life just disappears? Your financial problems are gone, you come up against absolutely no obstacles, your purpose in life just shines like an illuminated sign in the night...
.... You know?
Oh... No?
That's not what happens? Hmmmm... that's not really what I signed up for...
This has been a burden on my heart for awhile, for a lot of different reasons, not the least of which is that a struggle with God seems to be the norm lately.
I can't do this topic justice because I'm just not as gifted with words as others are. I can hug, but I cannot speak these words with the honesty and grace they require. Chad Norris recently gave an amazing sermon at church on facing your Goliaths. Check it out here. It's amazing and it speaks to me. Preview: How come some people walk on the water that others drown in?


  1. The next one by him is even better. Listen to it. So good.