Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Fun with Jennie

As we do, Jennie and I spent our lunch break at Barnes & Nobles. We don't usually buy, unless there's some crazy sale, as we spend many lunch breaks at the library. We were scouring the sale items when Jennie threw this book at me:

The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again. 75% Off.

Our conversation:

Me: Dating Again? I need the first book, not the Again book.

Jennie: I know. Those people are so selfish.

By the way, I looked this book up on amazon to see what it's really about. Sounds like a hoot!
Touching on such issues as STDs, AIDS, date rape, sexual harassment, lifestyle changes, social changes, and self-esteem, along with concerns about stepfamilies, children, and mature dating, this book will provide unbiased, street-smart information to those facing this adventure once again.
Oh, you've convinced me! Dating Again sounds wonderful!

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  1. I am catching up on all of your posts. This is my favorite. Ever.