Tuesday, August 4, 2009

music makes my heart sing!

Every year, the Clacks (of the ‘CANDY! HONEY! How many times have I told you?! You can’t get that color from a bottle!!' fame) go to this awesome Christian music festival, called Cornerstone. You may have heard of it. Or, if you're anything like the Clacks, you plan your summer around it and compose schedules with lists of bands and a complicated rating system to bring home to your friends. So yeah, they're serious about this.
This year, my good friend, who I'll call Clickety, saw about 57 bands with her brother and friends. They brought me back a list (yes, complete with intricate ratings) of their favorites and I just got through listening to online music from almost every band. Here are highlights from the list, along with my comments (the number after the band name is Clickety (&Co.) ratings... 10 would be best; rated on music, stage presence and something else):
Anchor & Braille-9
(Acoustic /Ambient /Americana) www.myspace.com/anchorandbraille
project band for Anberlin's lead singer....ehhhh....more folksy than I like. But I dig Anberlin so I'm willing to give him another chance.

(Indie/Pop/Rock) www.myspace.com/everfound
REALLY like these guys. Heavy piano. Love it. Love it love it. My favorite on the list, I think.

Zach Williams -8
(Rock/Folk/R&B) www.myspace.com/zacharywilliams
pretty groovy. It's got some soul. Best for background music. Like, traveling music. Roadtrip music.

Photoside Café-8
(Acoustic /Progressive/Rock) www.myspace.com/photosidecafe
sounds like DMB. Very cool.

And Then There Were None-8
(Club/Rock/Techno) www.myspace.com/andthentherewerenone
they're good. Fast beats. Signed to Tooth & Nail, which always surprises me, for some reason (but that's my issue, not theirs). Also, they update their purevolume page a lot, which is always nice. They covered Imogen Heap, which is kinda cool.

Secret and Whisper-8
(Alternative/Other/Rock) www.myspace.com/secretandwhisper
pretty good stuff. I would def. like most songs they put out.

Belle Epoque-7
(Hardcore/Indie/Rock) www.myspace.com/wearebelleepoque
1A. The kid is trying to point a gun at me in the myspace picture. 1B. There is a glowing skull.
And yet, I quite like them. Yep. QUITE. Awesome voice and music. Why the gun, friend?

All the Day Holiday-7
(Indie/Rock) www.myspace.com/allthedayholiday
oh yeah. I dig this. They are adorable! Sing about oceans and swings and sky and such! And have flowers in their pictures. Randomly, I feel like the songs should be in a French film. Adorable, I say!

So there you have it. Clickety always finds me a new favorite and this year she found several. Last year, she brought me some forever favorites, such as Seabird and Ocean is Theory. Please check them out, if you read this. They are amazing.

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  1. Christy! Just love that you took time to listen to all those bands and to give your thoughts as well.

    Looking forward to reading some books with you! Hope it all works out.