Monday, August 10, 2009

Anja, we can attend Culinary School together!

I will definitely have a career change sometime in somewhat near future. But until then, I can only dream! I felt inspired by a certain television show last night. ACE OF CAKES. If you have not seen the show, it follows the daily life of EXTREME cake decorators from Charm City Cakes in Baltimore, Maryland. The cake artists on that show are AMAZING, super talented!
On last nights episode, they made a guitar cake. With real strings. You could PLAY the guitar. No Joke. They also created a 10 ft tower in which they had to stand on a ladder to assemble. I felt very inspired by all of their endeavors and decided I want to be a cake decorator. Although, I feel like I would become a VERY, VERY large woman if I decided to chase that dream. But I might, I might decide one day to attend Culinary School. So Anja, when do we sign up?!


  1. ok, I totally support this. Also, I would like to point out to Anja that Jennie has NO KNOWLEDGE of the email I sent to you regarding you changing careers. TAKE THIS AS A SIGN, ANJA! (and Jennie, I'll fill you in later).

  2. hold on a second! I left a comment! It isn't showing up! dang it!

    It said something like: Yes, pastry school, at the very least a cake decorating class! I want to do that asap! I love Ace of Cakes. Also love Cake Boss and the blog Cake Wrecks. I have to start Bad News Cakes ...

    Another bakery concept I thought of is to have a "good, bad, worse" bakery. Where the case is split up into zones ... depending on how bad you want to be. I believe that people should be able to make informed decisions :D

    Also, there would be a coffee bar. Seriously, to have a small bakery/coffee shop stocked to the ceiling with books ... DREAM JOB FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

  3. Count me in. (regardless of the non-invite). Seriously JENNIE and ANJA what does a friend have to do to be in on this business plan?