Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where in the World is Jennie???

Question mark with the Earth as a dot
Those of you who follow us religiously - you know who you are (Anja ... Mom...), will have realized a noticeable lack of Jennie in recent days. That's because Jennie is on an adventure! Now, I'm not positive on the exact itinerary, but I can give you a good idea of what she's been doing. (It would really help me if as I described each destination you pictured a map and mentally put flags in the locations. Thanks.)
On Saturday, Jennie left from Charlotte Airport with friends (the nerve! having friends other than me.) and flew to Vermont, where they visited (among other things) the Magic Hat Brewery. Magic Hat Beer, if you don't know, is not only yummy yummy in my tummy, but it also gives really deep and thoughtful advice on the inside of the bottle cap. It's like a fortune cookie. Except beer.
From there, the group rented a car and entered the magic land of Canadia (or...Canada). They're spending most of the time in Montreal in the province of Quebec, or... Province de Qebec. Yep, that's what 5 years of French will get you, kids. Stay in school.
I can't wait to hear about Jennie's adventures! She's sure to have great stories, so Jennie - when you get back, we're waiting to hear all about it!


  1. Youuuuuuu are super bored without Jennie. Are you going to be ok?

  2. I'm ok. It's just... Wednesdays were OUR day, you know? Just kidding. Kind of.
    Also - Anja. Am I illegally using art? I mean, I know I am, but will I get caught? should i remove the pictures?