Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Over-Reactor. Yep, that's me!

Time bomb with lit fuse
So, it only took about three different people to tell me within the past week that I overreact about things before I actually listened. I am that person who gets really riled up about something and runs around telling people why I'm mad, who my anger is directed at, and how something - SOMETHING! - must be done. And I'm just as angry the fifth time I tell the story as I am the first. Oh my gosh - I must be so annoying to be around!
I honestly don't think I'm being dramatic; I just really feel the anger. And as I talk (and especially if I'm talking while running with my sister), my feelings build and build. Each breath I take brings me new revelation of the injustice that I feel so deeply.
The latest unreasonable object of my fury was an article about hippies in today's culture. The focus of the article was on fashion (as opposed to lifestyle and beliefs) and, let me tell you, that was enough to put me over the edge. And why? If "journalists" want to waste their time (and ours) on such drivel, that's their problem (and ours). But seriously - I got way too crazy about it.
Anyway, it's probably not a good idea to tell me I'm overreacting in the heat of the moment. And please, please do not tell me to "calm down". But definitely wait for the rant to end, and feel free to calmly point out that maybe the issue at hand is not as bad as I'm making it out to be.
Seriously, though - hippies? Not a fashion statement. There, I said it.


  1. Christy! I love it when you get upset at stuff. Except when you are upset at me.

    Also, there is too such a thing as a fashion hippie. There isn't anything wrong with that. I am a fashion punk(ish). It's like this: I can choose to wear black and leather and studs and ramones t-shirts (I don't own a ramones t-shirt) but I don't have to actually believe in anarchy (although I do love the Sex Pistols). Also, this is a super deep subject. I know at the surface it doesn't seem like it, because it is blah blah fashion and hippies, but for real, the core of it involves our culture and how we catagorize people based on their looks and that actually can be a serious subject. Sounds like the article was just poorly written.

    And yes, I am totally aware of your rage at this point because this is exactly what you didn't want in the comments section. I love you! :D (I just wish I was near you so I could give you my charming smile face so that you wouldn't be able to be as annoyed with me ... can you imagine it? Is it working?) No. Probably not.

  2. it would take the hummingbird/flower dance for me to forgive you! Just kidding. oh, Anja. You would not have been okay with this article. It was riding the newsworthy wave of the anniversary of Woodstock. Basically it was saying "There are still hippies today, and I can prove it! Headbands! Feathers! Long skirts! See?"
    Up for discussion: Do the clothes make the hippie? I don't think so. What are your thoughts?

  3. I think that hippie is an attitude, not a style. However, there are people who just dress hippie but drive hummers and are scared of sex and I call them fashion hippies. BUT,to be a true hippie it does help if you make your own clothes and don't wash your hair (no poo). And then you will definitely look like a hippie. I feel like a big hypocrite trying to define a kind of person I am not, so, end of story: It isn't for me to say. (unless you drive a hummer and then you are DEFINITELY NOT a hippie. says me.) Ask my sister. She is a hippie.