Friday, August 28, 2009

Am I Invisible?

For most of my adolescent years, I was a bit shy. I was overshadowed by my cute, outgoing sisters and I always just kind of faded into the background. As I entered into my adult years, I blossomed into an interesting, outgoing person as well. I am very social and I spend time with a variety of different types of people. However I still find, in some instances, that I become invisible. In certain social settings, it is as if people do not even realize I am present. When I break the situations down piece by piece, I realize that there are ONE constant: ME of course! I am the same in all settings. I pride myself on always being MYSELF. So why, in some settings , do I blossom? And in others I fade, once again, into the background? Many times it frustrates me because I love making new friends and meeting new people. I instantaneously revert back to middle school, when all that I wanted was for someone to WANT to be my friend. So why is this? Why the drastic difference?

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  1. Jennie! You are not invisible! You are a bright shining beacon of light that breaks through gray clouds! Let your light shine Jennie :D