Monday, March 7, 2011

The Oscars, A Week Later

So, the big question for the evening at the Clack's annual Academy Awards Party was: Is Oscar naked?
Is he nude and weirdly missing his God-given parts, like a Ken doll? Or is he wearing a bodysuit (a gorgeous gold lame one!)?
Either way: I went to my FOURTH Clack Academy Awards Party this year. It boggles my mind that it was my fourth year, but it was.
My dates for the year were Ed Norton and Marky Mark Wahlberg. Jennie's date was Joseph Gordon-Levitt (I didn't see him all night, though!). Other dates of the evening:

Katie: Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian).
Cynthia: James Franco.
Justin: the girl that plays April on Parks & Recreation
Molly: Well. My memory fails me, but I know she loves Chuck. Oh - Katie just texted me: Molly took Thomas Brodie-Sangster. I have no idea who that is.
Yeesh, I don't remember anyone else's dates.This year, I won the award for Best Clack (Honorary). I try to leave out that last part... And Jennie got Most Awesome Person in the ROOM. That's crazy. Crazy Awesome. I gave the award to Noah for Best Date for Any Occasion because it is true, and I'm pretty sure there's not been many an occasion where he hasn't had a date (or two). Jennie presented Molly with the award for Supermodel of the Year (she is totally a supermodel).
We made our thank-you speeches and some of the Clacks even remembered to thank their mother (always thank your mother!).
So there you have it! Who would you bring as your date to the Academy Awards? And what award would you give, and to whom? MOST IMPORTANTLY: is Oscar naked?

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  1. wait, I just found out the other dates:
    Stephen: Jess Bowen
    Drew: Emma Watson
    Grace: George Weasley
    Noah: Luna Lovegood
    Logan: Helena Bonham-Carter

    Good dates, good dates, everyone!