Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Texts from My Mother

I once read a text from my mom out loud (to try to understand it... she had written out the word question because she couldn't find the question mark.... so: "where is tennis question") and someone said to me, "Your mom texts?"
Yes. Yes she does. And her texts are like... well, like haikus.
Or telegrams.
I've deleted some of the best, but here are a couple of from this past weekend. Things to know:
*My mother is a stickler for proper punctuation (like mother, like daughter!), so although she can't find the apostrophe on her cell phone, she refuses to type the words without something denoting the break in the words.
*She's still working on getting a strong understanding of txt msg abbreviations.
*I have no idea who E is.

Here's the text:
raining here. Hope
you,re having
better weather.
can,t wait 2 hear.

The next day:
How,s tn? hope
you,re having fun.
will u b able to have 
dinner w us mon.
c u soon.

Gotta love it!

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