Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lattes - Good for the Soul

High angle view of a coffee cup with a spoon and a saucer
A few months ago, Jennie and I started a tradition that we call "Coffee Wednesday". It started out that we would go to Barnes & Noble and sit at the Starbucks and look through magazines during our lunch hour. It was a really relaxing time for us, and we looked forward to it every week.
Well, since then it has evolved into something even better. We found a local coffee shop in Mauldin, the charming Downtown Coffee, and we get to sit, sip, and chat with Anja. No matter what is going on at work or in our lives, Coffee Wednesday makes us happy. It's a great break to our week, and we love getting to catch up with each other.
Sometimes, I'll be working on something, and Jennie will write to me, "It's Coffee Wednesday!" and it just brightens my day. As soon as we step into our wonderful little coffee shop, it's like we're in some magical land that strips us of our problems.
So today - it's Coffee Wednesday! Can't wait!!

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