Friday, January 8, 2010

My journey to SELF Discovery, cont'd: What if I only had a week to live?

I made my weekly....I mean monthly trip to my counselor this past week. She always asks me hard questions that I have been trying to figure out for, well, my ENTIRE life. I am aghast when she wants an immediate answer and, in turn, she is annoyed when I don't give one.
This week her questions was: If you had one week to live (and you still had to work), what would you do?

ME: Um........Um......Maybe go out west......?!?!?!!??! I don't know.

HER: If YOU had ONE week to live, YOU would GO OUT WEST?!

I am always dumbfounded when she asks me random questions like this. A job puts major restraints on my ideal “dying” week. My real answer is: If I had one week to live; I would quit my job, convince my family to travel to Italy with me and die in the beauty of Tuscany.

So I have been racking my brain....WHAT would I do?! Another side note I should probably mention, I have to document this in photographs and bring them back to her. So I can't just dismiss the question, which is what I would probably would have originally done. She knows me so well :)
I have a few ideas—so we will see how it transfers to photographs.

Imagine you had only ONE week to live and you still had to keep your job, what would YOU do?

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  1. Jennie,

    I have been holding a similar question, though not such a short limit, posed by Patti Digh at

    She wrote a book expanding the topic called Life is a Verb. This year, I commit to reading that and living the ideas she stirs in me.

    I think it is more about living well. I don't think I would do a grand thing. I hope that I would gather my family and friends and eat pasta and drink wine, sitting around the table for hours laughing and telling stories. I would proably read to them and listen to them and look deep into their eyes. No grand final speeches but leave them with my heartsong.