Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Blue Team

Boys (11-13) in football team holding up trophy on field, cheering
I recently discovered a new favorite author. Well, maybe not *favorite* yet, I mean it's not like I wrote a fan letter (yet), which I've done with my past 2 favorite authors (Markus Zusak and Bryce Courtenay - check 'em out!). I'll have to read another book to make sure this guy is as amazing as this first book was. The book I read was Oracle Night by Paul Auster.
In the book, the main character describes a brotherhood of men of high regard, which he dubs the Blue Team. It comes about when the main character reminisces of his childhood in summer camp, and his participation in Color Wars. The teams are Red and White, but there's a secret team ... a team that is formed by invitation only. A camp counselor organizes the secret Blue Team - the members that are asked to join are loyal, respected and respectful: the best of the best. Not necessarily as far as athleticism goes, but as far as humanity, ethics and morality go: these are the people you want on your team.
Now, the concept of the Blue Team was not really a main part of the plot, but it was certainly an important device in the book, and it really touched me after I finished reading the amazing story of a novel... within a novel... within a novel. I have great friends, and I'm really blown away by their friendship. They are true Blue Team members, definitely, and I'm glad that they are the people I get to be surrounded with (I mean... we chose each other, sure, but sometimes people can be duds. Not my friends!). And my family! My family - whom I did NOT choose - they are certainly Blue Team.
Who do you have in your life on the Blue Team?

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  1. I have some people that I kind of figured were blue team but it wasn't until life got tough that I KNEW they were blue team. And it's always great to know that you have people in your corner. But I also say that God also chose those people to be in my life. yay!