Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Clock on wall
Things that make me feel older:
•Having to type 3 as my first number in my age. Really - I keep going for the 2.
•Realizing that a movie that "just came out in 1994" actually came out 16 years ago. And that some people I know were only 4 years old at the time.
•High School Reunions
•Getting upset about "kids today".

Things that make me feel younger:
•Hanging out with my awesome friends.
•Being able to be spontaneous with my plans.
•Playing with my niece and nephew.
•Ending my age with a 0. It's just 30, not 31, or 37, or 39.

There have been a few things that happened to me lately that have given me some conflicting feelings about my age. Thirty has been a terrific year for me so far. Seriously - some really wonderful things have happened, and I truly believe it's just going to be such a full year that I'll always look back at this age and think " yeah, thirty was great for me!" But I still sometimes feel old. What are some things that make you feel younger or older?


  1. I feel young when people card me or ask me if I am still in school.
    I feel old when I realize that the 90's is the new 80's. BOO

  2. i feel old when i say things and my parents or aunts wholeheartedly agree with me...

  3. um, you and I both know that I had another comment....