Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh! Sweet Pig!

Our friend, reader and occasional commenter, Lori (we've called her Loggins on this site), has begun her own blog. Not only is Lori fantastically funny, but she also exults in using words incorrectly (and against my grammatical advice. Seriously - tell her that "coupon" is only a noun, not a verb). The blog, Oh! Sweet Pig! is located here.
Pink stuffed pig uid 1298582

haha. Just kidding. It's here. But, that's what she gets for being the original Cat Lady, and the reason for the Cat Lady Equation.

I tried to convince her to just join our blog. Lori would add a lot of flair. Alas, she had already begun her own brilliant blog. Yay, Lori!! It's awesome and funny. Check it out.

1 comment:

  1. Aww! i HEART Christy and i HEART Bananacopenhagen!!! Thank you for the shout out! I reread the cat lady post and seriously think that your percentage needs to increase.... i have no basis for this, but that's not the point. Also, you can't convince someone to join the blog AFTER they tell you they've started one....I knew i should have asked you first.
    Anyways, you should be 25% catlady and mine should be 25% since i technically don't own a cat right now...