Monday, May 10, 2010

Is this it?

You ever feel uneasy? Antsy? Unsure for no reason?
Today is one of those days for me. I am anxious, ADD and antsy for no reason.
I can never pinpoint what it is.
What is different about the day or what causes the feeling?
It starts like a normal day but ends up a “not great” day.
I feel unproductive, anxiety-stricken and ready for a change.
I am a person who loves change, so I wonder if it is just the uneasiness of fearing my life will always be the same.
How do I change the feeling? Make it go away?
Can anyone relate?


  1. i hear ya! sometimes when i feel that way, it's because something is getting ready to happen. Other times it really is me just being concerned about the direction of my life. Only thing that tells me is time! sorry, wish it were more helpful

  2. yep. I've felt that way, and I believe it's God working in you... prodding you. Sorry, I know that only leads to more frustration, though. Waiting is the worst.