Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Cherry on Top of a Great Friendship

"What is wrong with America today?!"
That's what Jennie exclaimed at lunch today, in response to something I told her.
I'll back up and start at the beginning:
Jennie has my back. Always. This is a truth that I can rely on, and I love it about her, and I hope that I'm the same kind of friend to her that she is to me.

Today, we were treated to a wonderful and delicious lunch by a coworker. It's a yearly thing and we always have such a yummy lunch, and the coworker always tells us to get appetizers! and meals! and desserts! Really -- it's kind of trouble when this lunch rolls around.
So it was time to order dessert and I had settled on getting a sundae. And Jennie knows me and she knows my heart, and I hold a very deeply integrated belief in my heart and my soul that drizzle and cherries and bananas and fruit and such Do Not Belong on my Dessert. Ever.
Longstoryshort: There wasn't a cherry, but there was a strawberry and raspberry drizzle and everything, so even though I only specifically asked about the cherry, and they truthfully said there was no cherry, I still got about every other fruit on my dessert. Oh well! It happens to me. A lot.
Who was the most upset? Jennie. Because she is fiercely loyal to me and my crazy, picky habits.
So I then told her about one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite philosophers, someone who I've admired since I was a child:
"Fruit, get out of my cookie!" -- Cookie Monster
But, of course, that's back when he only ate cookies. Now he can eat cookies as a treat, once he's eaten his fruits and veggies. It's true. (and ... crazy, but that's neither here nor there.) This information, however, enraged Jennie.
I gave her the reasoning: child obesity is on the rise ... Cookie Monster teaches about moderation now ...
And that's when Jennie raised the question:
What is wrong with America today?

Good question, Jennie. Good question.

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