Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are you using your time wisely?

Last night at Bible Study, our group was asked: What are things you love and are doing that take away from your time spent building your relationship with God?
I began to think about the things that I do, that I love. I instantly thought, “The things I am doing aren't interfering with my relationship with God. It is the excuses, the “not making time”. The things that I am NOT doing are the barriers that keep my relationship with God from growing.
I am a person with a busy schedule. I feel like the things I invest my time in are important.
My biggest struggle is spending time in the Word. I read a lot of Christian inspiration books, Christian self help books and I listen to a lot of sermons—but actual time in the Word is minimal.
So, How can I increase that?
Get up a little earlier
Go to bed a little later
Keep my Bible with my so that when I have a spare moment I can read
All of those things would give me the “time I don't have” to spend in the Word.

When I break down my day, there are definitely times when I could be reading the Bible, but I am doing something else (random, meaningless meandering). Granted they are not huge stretches of time, but they are there AND they add up.
Who said you can't add hours to the day! :)

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