Monday, September 20, 2010

Smile! It's Smiley's!

Red wine is being poured in
Okay, this is the best. Apparently, I drafted this post last year, and never posted it. So here you go:

Most of the time, Jennie and I spend our 'hang-out night' by sipping wine and watching some preteen romantic comedy on tv. And it's wonderful, seriously. But sometimes, we venture out into the world and head to our favorite hippie bar, Smiley's. A couple of Fridays ago, this is exactly what we did.
Smiley's is one of those places where you just never know what's going to happen or who is going to be there. You could run into an old friend or be surrounded by strangers. You could be the youngest person in the place, or the oldest. It just depends on the night.
The Friday that Jennie and I went, we were definitely in the middle of the age range, which is sometimes a good thing. There was a birthday party in the bar, making things a bit more crowded than usual, but the live music was blaring and the crowd was having a great time.
Before the night ended, Jennie got hit on by Anderson Cooper (well... an older man who closely resembled Anderson Cooper), and a young man who had "red flag" written all over his face. The Anderson Cooper thing is a story in itself, I promise you. I, on the other hand, got hit on by someone's Uncle Paul, who got angry when I wouldn't dance with him and even angrier when I wouldn't hold his hand.
On the way to our cars, I told Jennie my secret.
Me: I have a secret.
Jennie: What?
Me: I really like that Lady Gaga song that goes 'RAH RAH MAMA GAGA ROMA ...."

The end. Meanwhile it's no longer a secret that I love that song, and that I love Lady Gaga, but I was definitely in denial for awhile.
Also, "someone's Uncle Paul", who hit on me (angrily, and pulled my hair because I wouldn't dance with him. You guys, the strangest things happen to me. Really), looked EXACTLY like the actor Bruno Kirby from When Harry Met Sally. EXACTLY like him.

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