Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Timeline of Friendship

Two girl friends smiling at camera
Around the same time that I was actively trying to avoid becoming Jennie's friend, I was also actively trying to avoid becoming Loggins' friend. You see, with three of my closest friends - Anjalog, Jennie and Loggins - I pretty much tried to not be their friend. It's just one of my cute little quirks. But we're friends now!
When people ask Loggins and me how we know each other, we always exchange a weird look and stammer out some noises to fill the awkward silence. It's a long story, and not all facts are agreed upon by both parties. I'll explain, with a timeline.
Actual First Meeting:
Loggins has no memory of this, but we were introduced by a red-headed Clack at a church group. Loggins remembers the girl sitting to my left and the girl sitting to my right. In fact, she remembers everyone sitting in the row with me. Except for me.
Fake First Meeting: 
I threw a game night party at my house. Loggins was invited (because we'd met before... She thinks I somehow just invited a stranger to my house). We played Taboo and were on opposing teams, but were on the same team when it came to following the rules. Those kids played it all sorts of WRONG. They were subsequently never invited over again.
Next meeting:
I invited Loggins (and Jennie! this is when we were deciding we might be friends) to see Civil Twilight play downtown. At lunch that day, I ran into Loggins at Jason's Deli and informed her of their complimentary ice cream. Friendship cemented.
A Hiccup in the Budding Friendship:
I was downtown one day with another friend, driving down Main Street, when Loggins crossed the street in front of our car. "That's my friend, Loggins," I said, pointing to her. "Are you going to say hi?" asked friend. No. And then, of course, we see her minutes later and end up telling her the story. Word of advice: if you avoid a friend, don't tell them about it later, because you'll hear about it for the rest of your life.
The Traumatic Event that Sealed our Friendship:
Speed dating. Dating is hard. Cramming 25 dates into one night is torture! Nothing can make people realize that they need to surround themselves with safe, good people like meeting crazies in 1-minute intervals.

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