Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The true story of how Anderson Cooper hit on me (sort of...)

In Christy's previous blog, you heard mention of an Anderson Cooper encounter at our local hang out, Smiley's.
I will now share the true story of how I was hit on by Anderson Cooper.
Christy and I were minding our own business, listening to great blues music at Smiley's, our favorite hippie bar, when I look to my right and see Anderson Cooper.
Ok, not really Anderson Cooper, but in all seriousness he looked VERY similar to the handsome CNN reporter. As many of my close friends know, I have a deep love/infatuation for Anderson Cooper. After seeing this man, I emphatically tell Christy we are, in fact, sitting next to THE Anderson Cooper. She laughed, looked and agreed that he did look very similar to him. Over the course of the night caught his eye and smiled (several times I am sure). I didn't realize what I had done until he was ACTIVELY trying to listen and comment on the conversation that Christy and I were having. He even leaned over and high fived me at one point. I can't even remember what it was for, but I just knew that he was going to ask for my number by the end of the night. The sad thing is....I probably would have given it to him. I know, I know-- INAPPROPRIATE. I have a thing for older men, what can I say.
Luckily, I started chatting with a much younger handsome man. After the whirlwind conversation with someone more age-appropriate, I realized I had dashed the hopes of one, ANDERSON COOPER. He was gone. So with that I say “Catch you on the flipside, Anderson.“

DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that Anderson Cooper is in fact gay, but look at those dreamy blue eyes. I will choose to stay in denial about it :)

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