Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pity Party of Two

Portrait of a young girl (8-10) sitting at a table eating a cupcake
Yesterday was our favorite day: Coffee Wednesday.
Jennie and I look forward to it all week long. Sadly, Anjalog couldn't meet us for our weekly ritual, so Jennie and I went alone and decided to throw ourselves our very own pity party. We're pretty good about this, considering how often we see each other (every day) and talk (every day), but some days, we just like to sit and ponder our lives and say to each other:
Something will change, right?
And I look at her like she's crazy, and I say, “Jennie! You're so young!” and she looks at me like I'm crazy and says, “Christy! You're so young!”.
But yesterday it was harder for the two of us to cheer each other up.
                    And then..
                            we had an awesome conversation
                         culminating in an awesome

We were talking about dating “bad boys” and being rebellious. Now, Jennie is a middle child, so she wreaked all sorts of havoc as a rebellious kid.
I, on the other hand, am an angel. So I've never dated a bad boy or been rebellious in any way. Perfect child, I tell you! So Jennie said that she thinks that since she's been-there, done-that with the whole dating a bad boy thing, she's over it. And I wondered if maybe it was a cyclical thing. Like... eventually you get desperate enough again that you're like, “well, yeah, my parents will freak and I don't even like him that much, but a date is a date, right?” 
Jennie is firm: she knows how bad the bad boy is and she's not going there again. So I confided in her: I'm feeling rebellious.
My evidence, of course, is that I like Damon, the bad vampire brother, and I've found myself rooting for Andy Murray (of all people!) at the US Open (yeah, I know. He's out. Whatev.)
My dear friend Jennie, took all of this in with the grace of a laughing hyena, and through her giggles and chuckles, said to me:
"I'm glad your rebellious stage doesn't affect your actual life."
Thanks, girl.

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  1. This is a good post...and I am not just saying that because it is about me. Well, maybe I am :) WE ARE FUNNY GIRL!