Thursday, September 2, 2010

But Really, How Did You Get this Address?

Adult using walker to get around. Senior Citizens keep their minds and bodies active by being independent.
 I just received an email from Loggins, who is visiting Mickey Mouse, and it begins with this sentence:
so let's talk about a few things:
I'm too old for this.
She then goes on to describe how a water park made her consider getting an artificial hip and that her favorite pool was the "quiet" pool. Loggins is in touch with her inner senior citizen, which is kind of appropriate, considering she's in Florida right now (yes, stereotypes. Sue me).
The reason I bring this up (other than "so let's talk about a few things: I'm too old for this," is an awesome quote) is because I have no idea what is going on but I am getting crazy amounts of spam mail for old people.
Here's a list of some of the spam I've acquired over the past week. These are the return addresses of the phishers, not even the subject lines:
• SinglesOver50 (not I, friend. Not I.)
• DateSinglesOver50 (no thank you?)
• BestPlasticSurgeonMatcher (Oh, I see. It ties in with my dating.)
• HearingAid.Deals (in case I want my over-50-date to hear me...)
•UnitedHealthcare (This may or may not be for old people. If not, wrong place, wrong time, spammer.)

I'm kind of wondering how in the world they got my email address and how they would think I'm over 50, single, hard of hearing, in need of a good plastic surgeon, and possibly in bad health. It's quite a combination.

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  1. I signed you up for them.... just kidding. But wouldn't that be awesome if I did?!? And my inner senior citizen needs to take a nap right now...